Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A True Gem shines through, no matter what the odds !

A MASSIVE good News : Christmas Magic has been featured on the front page of "What's Hot" under the "Puzzles" and "Family" categories, on the Indian AppStore  ! Just found out while browsing the store ! We beat "Where's my Water?" and "Cut the Rope" to the front page ! :D !!! WOW !!! The game is being shown right next to Angry Birds, Snoopy's Street Fair and TinTin  ! Our little game has made it big ! I hope it conquers other stores soon ! We are one step closer to world domination ! Ha Ha!

I am so overjoyed !!!!....sniff....sniff....! :)
You can download the game here : .

Here's the awesome trailer that is doing wonders for the game ! :

Its free to play, so that makes it even more important to download it right now !

This is the coolest thing ever ! All our efforts to get the game noticed are showing results now. Of course, this shows that the game is being loved by the audiences as there's no other way it could beat "Where's my Water?" and "Cut The Rope" to the front page !

This warrants a party , ladies n gentlemen ! I think I smell some home made cakes tonight :D ! Aha ! Off I go, with a spring in my step and smile mile wide :) ! I think I'll draw something cool, cooler than ever before to celebrate this moment of glory and triumph ! It isn't easy for indie devs like us to make it to the "Whats Hot" page, and when we do its only because of a good game and not any paid marketing ! Makes the moment of triumph even sweeter to savor ! :)

Christmas Magic on the AppStore : Clickety-click here !

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