Friday, May 11, 2012

Join Zurker and be the next Zuckerberg ! Another Get rich Quick Scheme ? A Review.

        I don't know how many of you have heard about Zurker, the new kid on the block in a sea of social networking websites. Right now on an average, it is attracting around 8 to 10k new users each day !  Yes, I know there are already too many of those networks, all trying to steal away our precious time and new ones spring up each day since FB decided to go the IPO way. So, why should we care about another one touting to be the best?

The thing is that Zurker is different, I know they all say they are, but this one is different because you own it ! Let me say that again :

"You Own Zurker! By joining you become an owner of the Social networking company ! You own your data and you own the website too! You can be the next Mark Zuckerberg!"

Lets pause for the "what?"s, the "What do you mean?", the "No Way"s and "Tell me more!"s here ! :) Is it another of the get rich quick scams?

Well, it doesn't seem so and I am not here to promote it ! For one, you cannot get rich quick in it, it will take time for you to earn from it  and two , you don't invest any money in it ! All you do is what you are already doing on Facebook or twitter but do it here and you can be the next IT Mogul! (Well, if you wanna dream, dream BIG ! :) What it does is that it creates a unique situation where it makes each user a part owner of the company, so as Zurker grows, you grow along with it. How is that ?

Well, I am not a financial whizkid or someone who can understand economics much, but when I was sent an invitation by a friend to join Zurker, I did my own sweet research on the mighty interwebz and what I found seemed to satisfy my curiosity that it isn't a scam or a fraud....(and I thought people might have similar doubts and why not do a post about it !)

To me Zurker more like : "This kid looks really smart! Lets do what he says and wait what comes out of it ! "

It wasn't easy for me to understand or find ,so, I thought lets make some bullet points about Zurker, so its easier for you  to understand :
  •  It must really annoy Zuckerberg: I mean really, it sounds just like his name ! Zurker is just like Zucker-berg ! I am sure its an inside pun on the FB owner and it also sounds like "sucker". Maybe the whole thing is to make fun of Zuckerberg and company ! Who knows ! Lets join the fun ! :) Just kidding ! Couldn't help it !
  • Zurker treats each member as an owner of the company: You get vShares for joining the network and as the company grows, the worth of your share grows with it and over time you start getting returns on your shares. If, lets say, Zurker grows to FB proportions, imagine the worth of your shares in it ! Zurker is giving away 10,00,000 of these vShares in the beta phase. These vShares will become real shares when Zucker is restructured as a public corporation. So, these are not real money right now, but when Zucker hits 1 Million users, they will turn into real money. I am sure it will happen soon as Zucker has already gone viral !
  •  The only investment is your time !: When you use Facebook and Twitter, you spend your precious time in spreading these networks and their total worth. Yes, you enjoy the process but the only ones becoming richer are Mark Zuckerberg and company ! Now, switching to Zurker means, you spend the same time on the network, enjoy your stay and your time spent on it increases the worht of the company and you gain in terms of the value of your shares in it ! Recreation and chatting with friends was never this rewarding  :D !
  • You got the Power ! :) : Your ideas decide the content and services of Zurker  ! Zurker takes your ownership seriously, that is, you are not a sleeping partner with no say in the on-goings of your company. You have an active participation in it ! Since the users are the owners of the website, everything is decided based on voting. Every user gets to decide what should stay, go or be added to Zurker ! So, if you got an idea for the next big thing , Voice it ! and it will be heard and incorporated into the website !
  •  No Ads or Spams ! My primary concern : The way I see it, Facebook is just a data mine for advertisers ! Sure its enjoyable, but all that you put in your profiles, photo albums, all that you share on it is used to just target advertisements on you. It is a database maintained by users themselves which saves the costs of conducting surveys and market researches for the advertisers and makes it even lucrative for them to catch you via your FB profile ! I mean, for the love of the world, I can't understand why I am shown ads of female underwears everyday when I visit my FB page ?!?!?!? I am not even a female ! I am not exaggerating, its true and sometimes becomes a hindrance when I try to show pics of our activites to my family !  Thankfully, Zurker promises that there will be no Ads and no Spams and that is the main reason I joined Zurker ! All the promises of owning the company came later.
  • Open Books, Open Statistics, Open Bug-Reporting : So, they promise "Open Everything!". Well, I would just rather they just opened up their bank accounts to me ! LOL :P . Just kidding, on a serious note, since you also have an option to buy shares with real money, if you so wish, the transparency becomes an important point.You can easily find Zurker’s open books accounting which shows every penny coming in and every penny going out. This seems to be updated hourly. You can also see membership numbers by country, also updated hourly.  Around 8-10k people seem to be joing every day now.
  • Privacy: You control the privacy regarding everything you post there. Your "Street", the equivalent of timeline, shows content related to you and the tags you specify and similarly, your content is shared only according to your tags.Your tags are visible only to you ans stay private, so you can tag stuff according to your liking and thus tailor your own "timeline" without anybody knowing what you tagged them as ! :D Now that gives me some fun ides for tags for people that are annoying ! Ha ! Can I tag something as "stinky"? obnoxious? slimy? Its Zurker ! Yes, you can !   :D
    There's more stuff one can keep writing about it, but frankly this, up there,  is the gist of the matter ! Its an open community, somewhat akin to the open source community (a loose analogy),where everyone has a say in it. Since you also own the service you are using, its growth reverts back to you. So, it feels like a Win-win situation to me. I get an ad-free, private environment to socialise and if it gets me some money later on in the future, well, good for me  ! :)

If you had been trying to decide on Zurker, I hope this post of mine helps you a bit. Join it if you like the concept as they are giving away 1 million shares, don't if want to wait n watch. I saw no harm in joining it now getting real shares when it crosses 1 million users.

If you do wish to join, it is invite only for now, so use this link:

Join Zurker now and feel like Mark Zuckerberg ! :D

You know, I really believe they named it Zurker to tease Zuckerberg ! I mean it just sounds like him ! :D LOL ! Happy Zurking ! :)


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