Saturday, May 26, 2012

Christmas Magic rocks the #BecauseWeMay sale !!!

Ta daaa ...Ta ..Daa......................!

Christmas Magic celebrates the #BecauseWeMay sale ! A group initiative of Indie developers to celebrate our independence to price our games as we wish ! The Base game is FREE and all in-app items are upto 70% off from 24th May to 1st June !

We have already hit MASSIVE download numbers on the very first day of the sale : more than 30 times normal  !  and we are already featured on the "Whats Hot" section of multiple AppStore's, under the categories "Puzzles" and "Family" ! Its time to celebrate and rock the world !

So, its parties, Free stuff and Celebrations all this week !
Grab'em all this weekend ! Don't miss out on any in-game item at all ! Go..Go.. GO !!! :D

Clickety-click here :

Be Cool ! Be Smart ! Be Magical !!!!!!!  and spread the word far and wide ! Christmas magic has arrived !

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