Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wolfenstein : Return to Old School !

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! I am a die hard fan of the Old-School shooter gameplay, simple, fast, guns with a punch and loads of fun, and am extremely happy to announce that Starbreeze, the fabulously talented FPS developer, has just showcased the first gameplay of "Wolfenstein: The New Order" and it looks like that old-school-son-of-a-gunner magic is coming back to life again !!! :D

Lads and damsels, here I present, the sparkling new gameplay footage :

 There, There  ! See that awesome Old school fun all over !!!B)....and as if the Old School Gods of gaming themselves were guiding this game, it is being brought to life using ID's Tech 5 ! The smoothest engine with superb visuals, made by the ID , the father of Shooters ! Also, note that they seemed to have made a lot of improvements to the engine as well. We can see pillars crumbling and cover shattering when being shot at. AL so, players can cut holes into metal to shoot through while staying hidden. Thats a lot of dynamism in what was a fairly 'static' engine. To top it all, the devs are not even making a big deal out of it ! Just sly smirks on thier faces :) ! Thats the way to roll guys ! and compare that to the COD reveal : "Next gen AI of the Fish which move-out-of-the-way" !

Pffft !! :-/

Lastly, the best part about an Old-School shooter is the"punch' to the guns and , yes, Starbreeze seems to know that all too well. Just watch the gameplay again and tell me you don't want  to dual wield that automatic-chain-loaded Shotguns right now !!! :)

 They have nailed it to the core ! Starbreeze has brought that 'mystical' magical breath of fresh air in a saturated genre by going back to the basics and nailing the fundamentals ! Heavy hitting gameplay has been complemented perfectly by moody visuals thanx to Tech 5 which is ultralight on hardware, smooth as butter and makes sure the fun gunning never 'stutters' and your smile never drops !!!

Leaving you with an interview with the creative director of the project. Hoping and praying that the whole campaign will have a breathtaking momentum and exhilarating atmospheric and 1960s meets futuristic art ! C'mon Starbreeze, bring it out already :D !!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

XBOX ONE: Fuel the Gaming industry, Don't Dilute it !

 As a gamer and a developer, here are my thoughts:

What MS did wrong with XBOX ONE was it diluted the console hardware industry. Now every console will need to also need to showcase TV features to survive. And instead of giving maximum powerful machines for games , hardware resources will have to be allotted to making extra features work. Either this will lead to weaker gaming machines or costlier gaming machines. I don't want either of that trend to spread as it hampers gaming, as a hobby and as an industry, and no one else.

If MS had launched a separate product called Xbox Magic Tv and made it the water cooler it wants to I wouldn't mind at all. But making a GAME console diverge and do all this just makes for bad trend that has started and cannot be stopped now !

It can't be undone now, lets just hope the other competitors don't follow suit and instead support gaming, indie devs and make them the highlight of their game consoles. Steam, Humble Bundle, ease of purchasing and sharing are the future of games. Going back to TV is not !