Tuesday, May 28, 2013

XBOX ONE: Fuel the Gaming industry, Don't Dilute it !

 As a gamer and a developer, here are my thoughts:

What MS did wrong with XBOX ONE was it diluted the console hardware industry. Now every console will need to also need to showcase TV features to survive. And instead of giving maximum powerful machines for games , hardware resources will have to be allotted to making extra features work. Either this will lead to weaker gaming machines or costlier gaming machines. I don't want either of that trend to spread as it hampers gaming, as a hobby and as an industry, and no one else.

If MS had launched a separate product called Xbox Magic Tv and made it the water cooler it wants to I wouldn't mind at all. But making a GAME console diverge and do all this just makes for bad trend that has started and cannot be stopped now !

It can't be undone now, lets just hope the other competitors don't follow suit and instead support gaming, indie devs and make them the highlight of their game consoles. Steam, Humble Bundle, ease of purchasing and sharing are the future of games. Going back to TV is not !

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