Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be COOL ! B-) .......and Black Ops 2 Reveal !

Download Here and Be Cool :) ! :
      So, guys n gals, how do you like it ? My new comic strip dedicated to Christmas Magic ! This was the awesomesauce that I had been cooking on my lightbox for a few days now and I feel delighted to present it to the world now :) ! The response on Facebook has been superb, with people sharing them around on their walls ! I'll have more of these coming for your wholesome consumption soon , while I also work on my new concept alongside ! Yes ! A brand new game is cooking in the hot hot oven of my head ! Hope I can share some details soon :) !

In other developments, our game, our beloved Christmas Magic was featured in the most popular iOS youtube channel called "TouchGamePlay"! :D Now thats a great development and people in the comments section sure seem excited there  !
Check it out here :

Christmas Magic was also featured on "MobileGameFAQs" Twitter channel recently and on another youtube channel called "bbkbest" ! No idea who these guys are but " Guys ! Thanx a lot !" if I could meet you all, I would personally bake a super warm, super sweet home made cake for you guys and deliver it at your doorstep myself ! We need all the visibility we can muster for Christmas Magic ! Every little share counts ! The magic seems to be spreading on its own now as these are impromptu features not influenced by me or anyone in my team.

Also, in gaming news, the new COD has been unvieled, Yes ! Yes ! The BO 2, the much awaited , much touted sequel to BO,  and boy ! after ages of rinse and repeats of the same formula, Treyarch has decided to take a leap of faith and introduce something new here ! A breath of fresh air in a severely claustrophobic room ! He He !

Here's some interesting info I could find out about it :
"For the first time," he says, "player decisions will impact the story."
He explains that this will work in two ways:
Key decisions will have significance from a narrative point of view, but so will skill. How well you do will influence the narrative's outcome. Main squad members and villains' henchmen will live or die depending on what you do and how you do it.
Now thats cool ! Atleast that will bring in some incentive for re-playing the campaign !

Strike Force missions are sets of levels that will shape the outcome of the Cold War between the United States and China. They are non-linear, sandbox campaign missions.
They exist within the single-player campaign's main story.
Strike Force missions are like team-based multiplayer scrimmages — played by one player. The player is able to shift between all available soldiers and robots on his team on a battlefield. You could hop from a rifleman's perspective to a drone to a C.L.A.W. in a matter of seconds, and omniscient overhead view will allow you to give, what looks like, real-time strategy commands. Send this guy here, direct this drone to flank from the right.
The goal is to kill the opposing A.I.-controlled team and complete a series of objectives in any order. When a person dies or a bot is destroyed, it is gone, and you inhabit who or whatever remains. Run out of people or time, and the mission is lost.
We see a Strike Force mission on a shipping dock in Singapore. The mission is to capture the A, B and C points.
The Treyarch employee running the demo makes quick work of the opposition. One moment he's a soldier, the next he's a C.L.A.W. He's flying a drone, now he's a mobile rocket launcher called the Autonomous Ground Robot, or A.G.R.

I found the above part particularly interesting ! THis brings amazing amount of variety in gameplay of a single mission. All these optins of play exist inside a single mission and every player can play it in his own way, working out his own best soultions. Of course, all of this depends on how well the missions are set up and frankly, who knows, all of this might fall flat as COD fans usually might just want to shoot through the mission and get over it ! So much for ingenuity ! Ha !
  I hope people like the changes and the game works out for everyone , because I would love to see a COD that's not a replica of the COD that came before !

 The mulitplayer, the oh-so-loved MP, will have its own reveal and we'll dwell on it later. The only reason I am even mentioning a COD game in my blog is cos this one doesn't seem like a COD game ! Hows that :) ! 
Okay ! So time's up and me has got to get back to his lovely life of plucking flowers and tending to farm animals and singin with the wind....tra la  ! Nothing can be farther from the truth but I have got to get back to working out my next game's concept and what can be more exciting than that ! C- Ya !

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