Saturday, May 19, 2012

Its raining Free Gifts this week in Christmas Magic ! :D

Hey guys ! Just a quick update before the weekend strikes us all ! Like I said in my previous post, our most awesomest game , Christmas Magic, has been featured on the front page of "What's Hot " on the Indian AppStore and we beat "where's My Water?" and "Cut the Rope" to the front page ! So, after our celebrations faded off a bit, we decided that we need to give something back to our awesome fans who made it all possible. After its because of your massive downloads that we are famous today !

So, Here we Gooooo.........

 Yes, we are giving away free stuff inside the game all this week, starting this weekend right now ! :D Ain't that cool ! But cooler are our fans who made our game a hit !

So, just follow these simple steps to claim them :

  1. Download the game(if you haven't already!) :
  2. If you already have the game, make sure its the latest version. Check once for updates.
  3. Launch the game and you will be greeted by a message informing you about your free gift !
  4. Log-in with either your Facebook or Twitter account to claim it there and then !
  5. Enjoy the game ! Sprinkle some magic around with your latest free items you just got :D !
  6. Spread the news to your friends and family while you have a great Weekend !

So, there you go, free stuff was never so easy ! :)  In case you have been to buried in your life and have no idea about what I am talking about, check out the most awesome trailer ever made :

See that ! Now get that Magic into your homes ! Grab it while the magic is still fresh !  Though, Magic never really gets old, now does it ! :)

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