Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Journey review

My review of Journey is just this:

' It made me re-experience my whole life in just 2 hours... '

 Birth, the innocence and joy, youth, trials of life , the impending inevitable loss of body and beyond ! I am sure everyone must have had a different experience with Journey, to me, somehow it reminded me of my whole life in 2 hours ! Without any events in the game, or minimal events, lets say, it managed to make me feel every emotion or feeling I have had since childhood to now and how I feel of the life ahead ! The feeling I had at the end really felt that I have just been through my whole life and I just knew at the end that there will be nothing at the end of the light but a rebirth, it is life. But there was no expectations and no frustrations at that point ! The feeling of getting satisfied or being in a state where achievements don't matter before reaching the end, the feeling of having accomplished something without getting a reward, is exceptionally difficult to be conveyed to someone. Journey did that to me . This is something I have felt only when I meditate regularly, but a game ,an experience did this to just exceptional ! Jenova Chen knows what he is doing too well. For me, it is encapsulated in 2 hours !

It is just ........needs to be played and played in one sitting ! I hope everyone has a unique experience of it !

Beautiful, blissful and sublime ! 

For the first time since "Shadow of The Colossus" I have felt so mesmerized by a game ! Very short but exceptional ! Not just aesthetically, but even technically the game is marvel. I won't spoil anything for you, just play it and feel has made me proud to be a part of this gaming culture again ! :)

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