Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Magic + spreads its wings: An iPad exclusive for now !

 Hi guys ! How are the holidays going? Did u guys get time to game a lot ? :)

                 In CM+ news, the winning streak of Christmas Magic + continues with number of downloads increasing each day and the buzz around the game getting more electric as each holiday passes. We are even getting requests to translate the game into Chinese and a few European languages. Also, as the trailer is spreading over the internet and being hosted on multiple channels, we are getting requests from all over the world to port the game over to PC, Mac, iPhones and Android devices. Though we can't promise an alternate version right now, technically we can port the game over to Chrome store, thus covering Mac ,PC and Linux in one go, and we can port it to some Android tablets. But, that will require funds and if we earn enough from the iPad version, we can do it. Phone versions will not be possible as the game's puzzles require a larger screen. So, in that regard, the game cannot be brought to iPhones and remains an iPad exclusive for this Holiday season.

  Our advice to people who haven't got an iPad and want to play Christmas Magic +:

Find a friend or family member with an iPad and spread the xmas cheer together as the game is best enjoyed together !


Go grab an iPad Mini ! It is cheaper, smaller and yet as productive, useful and flashy as its bigger brothers.

       Thats all for today ! Go get them fingers tapping and spread some "Christmas Magic" among you friends and family ! :)

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