Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best Christmas Game is here !

Yes ! Yes ! Its fun quality time for all family this Christmas ! The best Christmas game on the iPad is free to play and ready to be enjoyed right now ! Welcome L'il Pono and his friends into your iPads and spread the Christmas cheer to one and all !

The best game you say! "Says who ?"

Well, say the players who are enjoying it immensely :

The perfect gift this Christmas ! “ –Rajn287

"Awesome game, Fun to play, Recommended." -Sorties

"Excellent game. Kids liked it most. Very mesmerizing. Puzzles are well made." -Rubinder

"Just found this by accident, and after having it for a couple of days ...thus is the most popular app in the household right now. It's easily as good as the other 5$ books I have bought for kids, and the puzzles are fantastic as well." - Jivtesh

"Brilliant..Loved it.. Awesome work..!" -garimanidhi

"awesome wordclass stuff! " - amritanshu

"it indeed is magical ! mesmerizing graphics, avatar like tree, fantastic puzzles......whats not to like there ! waiting for another of your releases. totally recommended." - sunnymanya
See there guys and fellas ! Thats the world enjoying the pretty game ! If you don't believe it, here, watch this mesmerizing trailer in HD:

 So, yes, now it feels a bit special, doesn't it ! :^) 

why not try it out yourself? Its Free to play and available right now !

Try it out now :

Have a wonderful holiday people ! Enjoy the adventure !

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