Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Happy New Year (Sale) on Christmas Magic + !

Hullo one and all ! The Christmas Magic + team wishes you all a Happy New Year !  Hope you guys enjoyed your holidays a lot and had a lot of gaming sessions with family and friends. The holidays are over but the fun can continue on , and to make sure it does we are doing a massive sale in Christmas Magic + !

        If you fire up your Christmas Magic + on your iPad now, you will notice a massive price drop on all in-game items and unlocks ! So don't wait anymore:
  • grab all those Magic Pots and Hints you wanted :) ! 
  • ...and remember you can always Unlock a canopy to go the next set of puzzles. 
  • For all those who love the ambiance of 'Chritsmas Magic +' you can unlock the original Music and Concept Art  from the 'Unlocks' menu to enjoy it independently. 
  • The Concept Art bundle is also nice peek into the making of Pono's world as it has many sketches that did not make it into the final game and has all the Storybook illustrations for your personal usage. They make great wallpapers for your mobile phones and desktops !
For example, this:

  •  And then there's the 'Unlock Story' option for all you story lovers. If you are not the gamer type and just want to read a mesmerising story, then you can skip the game and just Unlock the rest of the fully voiced and illustrated story by tapping the story page or from the 'Unlocks' menu.

Christmas Magic + has something for everyone in the family and hoping this sale gives you enough incentive to invest in everything you wanted to unlock :) !

Don't let the Magic stop......lets keep it alive and kicking in the New Year ! Wishing you a Happy New Year everyone !

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