Friday, April 22, 2016

MAFIA III: A smashing trailer gets the hype train rolling !

Woot Woot ! 2K has finally announced the release date of Mafia III with a "Oh so wow!" trailer to get you all back in the saddle for this crime drama ! I must say this one looks very different from the first 2 games, which I loved by the way, but this trailer sure has piqued my interest !

The new setting looks good, (though it is missing shadows in the distance :P) and with this trailer out now, I have become interested in the characters too now. Have a look at the new protagonist:

Going by how hand crafted and polished Mafia II's missions were, if the devs can pull of the same polish in this next gen of shiny games, we might just a have a sleeper hit here ! The cars sure do look shiny here :^) and I have heard they have very cool chase sequences in there too!

The trailer has got me pumped and my shotgun is loaded and ready ! Dear 2K , please rteat me to some true blue uncut gameplay so that we can get this ball rolling now  :^D ! 

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