Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Battleborn Open Beta is loaded to explode!

After the fantastic Uncharted 4 open beta that literally had us glued to our Dualshock 4s like Jedis hold on to their Light Sabers, its time for another romp of fun, frantic fights and colourful characters on the PSN soon ! The full cast of 25 weird-unique psychos, that Gearbox calls Badasses, are about to land for free on your PS4 on the 8th of April and you can enjoy the madness that ensues till the 18th !

That's 11 full days of free BattleBorn with all 25 heroes thats absolutely impossible to ignore :^) !

Personally, out of all the new IPs being released, I am most intrigued by Battleborn and cannot wait for the beta to start. Ratchet and Clank releasing on the 12th will be a huge distraction and a real test of mettle of Battleborn's gameplay ! Lets see if Battleborn can keep me from lpaying RnC till the 18th !

Hell yeah for the excitement crackling through my veins right now because its not like some measly demo that other games masquerade as a beta, its full of bloody content to check out the real meat of the game while being guinea pigs for the developers !

Check out the amount of things you can do in the beta:

  • You can play co op with 5 people in two missions that I know of: The Algorithm and Void’s Edge.
  • Play PvP against other players in : Incursion and Meltdown. Incursion sounds like a standard MOBA setup about capturing enemy base/tower/turret while Meltdown sounds like a hectic Horde mode with a PvP twist with a "first-to-the-finish-line" competitiveness to the whole setup!

And I thnk the biggest draw, apart from the gorgeous visuals, is that you can also play the game in split-screen with another friend right in your home ! Thats a kind of fun 99% of the games miss out on this gen ! Call over your best pal to your home and have a blast pushing each other out of the map :P !

Oh and weighing at just 8.5GBs, there is no excuse to not download this beta ! See ya on the Battlefield, felllow Badass  :^D !

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