Saturday, April 23, 2016

Battleborn: Best pre-order offer ever !

I won't beat around the bush, just look at that image above ! look at it ! Its unbelievable, right ?!?! Yes, but its true ! You get a FREE COLLECTIBLE FIGURE with your regular copy of Battleborn for nothing extra ! All one has to do is pre-order and going by how fun the open beta was , it isn't much of a decision to make !

Its an Arena Shooter, right, and if thats not your ball game, then probably you won't like it much but for people who like Arena shooters, this one is a very very  well made game, with very unique characters, the borderlands humour and a very cool art style ! My point being that if you liked the beta then there is no point in NOT pre-ordering this game when you can get a free collectible figure which is usually reserved for high priced special editions !

I got so excited by the news that I HAD to share this with everyone, go , get outta here and pre order the damn game before the figures run out :^D !

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