Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas magic + bedazzles Indie Royale ! Proves nothing is Impossible !

So, the BIG BIG news is out already :D ! Did you hear it?

Yes , yes, our game "Christmas magic +" is debuting DRM free on Windows, Linux and Mac exclusively on Indie Royale's latest xmas bundle titled "The Debut 8" ! And even greater news which overjoys me completely is that it has been chosen to be a Secret Bonus game for generous users who pay $5 or more for the bundle ! So, technically, we are the best game of the bundle :) ! Way to go L'il Pono, we are one step closer to world domination !

Its an even bigger news locally, as we are the first Indian PC game ever,let alone indie or corporate, to be featured on any kind of bundle, let alone be chosen as a bonus game ! Christmas Magic + has created ripples in the Indian gaming industry and I am sure the news will encourage even more aspire-rs to make their own games and live their dreams !  While scores of gaming studios were busy making clones of other hit games, this unique little game quietly made it into the international circuit.If a game made by two dreamers can make it at the world stage, then nothing is impossible !

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