Friday, February 14, 2014

Christmas Magic+ splashes on the front page of Desura !

After debuting exclusively on Indie Royale's Boxing Day Bundle, L'il Pono's adventure: Christmas Magic+ is now permanently available for purchase on Desura for Windows, Linux and Mac. A single purchase entitles players to all three versions of the game. Also, this special edition includes the OST and the beautiful Concept Art Bundle with the game, making it the best version of the game out there ! We found Desura to be the best platform for our PC release as it is the one stop shop for anything indie and fun !

Here's our little gem shining bright on the front page of Desura:

Here's a link to the game, it will lead you directly to Desura:

Christmas Magic +

Its a joyous Valentine's Day for us and L'il Pono as he continues his journey to spread his magic on all platforms possible :) ! Hoping this brings Pono's magical adventure another step closer to your fingertips. If any of you had been holding out till now, now's there's no reason not to jump in ! Linux, Mac or Windows, whichever OS you play on, Christmas Magic is ready to be dived into !

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