Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Magic-al Storybook is now on MangoReader !

Hope this Christmas brings some good news for everyone, it sure did for us and the fans of L'il Pono. For all the people who do not own an iPad, the mesmerising tale of L'il Pono and The Magical Tree is now available on the awesome MangoReader website on PC and on the MangoReader App n the Android store !

MangoReader is a fantastic new platform that is going places with its interactive storybooks and the ability for users to create their own if they wish to. Christmas Magic has also been selected to be part of the Christmas Story pack which is also available as a separate app on the Google Play Store.

Here are the links for the Storybook on PC:

and on the Google Play Store:

So, get clicky on these links and get yourself and your family a warm christmas tale and gift your friends the best xmas gift in town :) !

For people, who want the full epxerience of the game and the storybook, the game app is available on the Appstore for iPad here:
For people who don't game on the iPad, well, lets say soe awesome news is inbound in just a little more time : wink wink  :)! 

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