Thursday, April 19, 2012

L'il Pono sighted on's front page !

L'il Pono is getting famous(see the new shades he got !) and is in the news again ! Our dearest App Store gem "Christmas Magic" featured as the main story on ! Woohoo ! :D Chk it out !

Free Zen game “Christmas Magic” available for iPad !

                    L'il Pono is going places and is destined for big things in life ! Pono's current mission is total dominance of the App store and the interwebz .........and he will use every weapon of mass communication possible ! Including his killer shades !

In case you still haven't checked out Christmas Magic , here you go:

         Just click on the link above and bask in pure magic !

Now, I have to go control the paparazzi ! :)

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