Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indies rule the world !...... and so will " I " !

  S.T.A.L.K.E.R. IS BACKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES ! ITS TRUE AND TRUEST EVER ! :D (jumps all over his house, his garden and limps back after hurting his foot !)

yes, yes, yes .......oh ! the glee and the smug feeling and the ouch in my foot  :) !

 But that will come later, this post is first and foremost about indie devs ruling the world and as true as the above statement might be, it will have to wait. So, lets start again !

Hiya guys,

 I know I promised something awesome from my drawing table, but thats not ready yet as I was busy with Christmas Magic's promotion, or shall we say trying to promote it ! Basically, I am being ingenius and trying everything I can to get it talked about on the internet!
      Yes, but all that work does not stop me from checking around gaming sites, discussing on B3D forums and watching videos ! Like all internet denizens, somethings need to be done even during crunch times, that includes checking your Facebook and Twitter too, consiudering how important the have become for online promotions these days.
So, here I present to you, my mates and fellas, my unknown readers, and known firneds who never put a comment under my posts :P, the latest gaming news from around the net !

             To start with , I present an awesome tech demo/trailer by an indie group who have created such magnificent wizardry with their keyboards and mice that my programming partner can't stop eating his nails out of his fingers and his fingers out if his hands and his hands out of his arms.........until he just regrows them all and can create this himself for our next game !
The trailer for RESET, a co-op puzzle game, it says, but I can't see any of that here, all I see is unbelievable realtime shaders and a cool art style for the robot and the car :
Big evil corporations gotta watch out cos new indie groups are moving ahead of them, even with their miniscule budgets! Human spirit, I say, can achieve anything with any kind of budget ! Love the tech shown here , lets hope these guys make it big and lets hope I make it big too, someday  !

Second up is this total conversion mod for Crysis 2 ! Yes, I know Crytek has announced Crysis 3 recently, but frankly speaking, the trailer did not get me that excited for it. It shows small, constrained spaces and (seemingly)linear fights with thoe same stupid looking mechs and squids we had to drudge through in Crysis 2 ! Don't get me wrong here, I loved Crysis 1 and still play it sometimes, cos the game is just superb in its gunplay and freedom it provides in tackling a situation means unlimited replays are still fun. But Crysis 2 didn't match up to Crysis 1 in any way. It had worse art direction and limited gameplay areas. I was wishing they would bring back the matrix-like-sentinel-aliens of Crysis 1 in Crysis 3, but sadly that isn't the case.
So, downed and disappointed I sat down to look for things that are Crysis but could excite me more than the new Teaser and Voila ! Look what I found  :

Aha ! Ain't that exciting ! A total conversion mod for Crysis 2 which seems to blend the jungle gameplay of the magnum opus with a sci-fi space twist to it ! Frankly, this has me more excited than the Crysis3 teaser and to imagine that this is by a smaller group and we won't need to shell out $60 for it ! I wonder how such groups get money for their food and rent ? I am sure there are no benevolent kings in any part of the world anymore, who would patronise art-forms like these and give the group a palace to stay in and food to eat while they rummage through their brains, hallucinating new experiences and materialising them inside computers ! Wish I could find such a patron ! From my own experience, making Christmas Magic for the iPad has been an excruciating 8 months of pen, pencils, papers, erasers, keyboards, swollen eyes in front of monitors, sleepless nights while my fiance waited for my calls which I forgot to make,...etc,....etc....! And now it turns out that we need to market it too, so which has turned into even more months of pencils, papers, keyboards, swollen get it ! Atleast our trailer has generated super buzz on the internet 
and the game itself has generated a lot of word of mouth publicity for itself and hopefully it will pay for our bills now and help us fund our next project for the PS Vita. But working on total conversion mods which has no hopes of bringing any money to our homes and requires me to work full time to achieve a vision at par with a full game release !!!!!!!!!  I have no idea how these guys do it !

 and the third news I wanted to share with you guys is for all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R fans like me who were shell-shocked and heartbroken when S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 was cancelled .....the game is still dead, its not been continued, but, and its big BUT, its spirit has resurrected from the underworld and is readying up to shine on the world again !!!!!! YES ! S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is coming back , but as another title. The guys from GSC Game World which was closed midway in the development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, have regrouped to form Vostok games and are continuing the legacy of STALKER with a new game called  SURVARIUM ! Yes, it sounds strange, but just to confirm, lets hear it from the devs themselves :

So, its a new online shooter, presumably free to play , set in an apocalyptic environment like Stalker but may include more than just post apocalyptic Russia. ALso, the devs are even open to ideas from the gaming community and want to actively involve us in the development of the game ! THats awesome news and would be wonderful to see the inner workings of this group of guys I have admired so much over the years ! I, for one, have subscribed to their youtube channel and I advise that you should too, but its a free world, do what you like !

Have to sign off now, as my lightbox is screaming at me with its all its silence to come back and finish the awesome amazing work I have started and which needs to be shared soon with the whole world wild web ! Before it starts creaking towards me and gobbles me up raw and fresh, I need to end this post and get to work!

"creak...creaak..crrreeee...aa...k.k....! "
"Whats That ?"
" ! grrrrrr..r.r.r.r.....r.r"
"Its alright Mr. Lightbox,  I still love you more than my computer ! Look, here, I come with my pencils and pens ! "

The End ! :)

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