Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking News, Concept art and Game Updates !

              Hey ! I am back with some behind-the-scenes concept art of Christmas Magic and some b-r-r-r-r-reaking news !

          So, lets roll ! This image you see up there was pivotal in the development of the concept of the magical tree. Before this we had tried many concepts, some were very unique indeed, but it was this image where, for the first time, we felt we were nearing the vision for the tree. A simple tree, not too high fantasy, not too alien or spooky.....a sense of mystery around it, yet charming and inviting ! Of course, this is not what you finally see in the game, cos we went through numerous revisions and little corrections before finalizing the tree's concept art. The final image will be featured some other day, some other time  ! A little mystery is fun :) !

Otherwise, we have been busy working on the first update for the game. Finally, the update got done last night and has been uploaded to Apple for review. Hopefully it will be live soon !The main changes that have been made are:
  • We have made graphical improvements so that it runs better on iPad 1, as we were getting reports it was crashing on first gen iPads. We are still not sure if the crash is fixed or not. I hope it is.
  • Also, added support to earn in game goodies like Magic Pots for free by sharing the game on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Fixed some text errors ! Yes ! Even after taking so much care that the game is perfect on launch, a small textual error crept in and has been fixed ! Now, you can enjoy the game ni all its dictionary-perfect glory :D !
  • and numerous other little fixes which only programmers would care about, so lets not talk about them !
      Thats that, as far as updates are concerned but  what you need to wake up and notice for now is this :

"Christmas Magic has taken the top spot and "Breaking" into the "News" section of GamingXpress.com ! "

Need I say more, just have a look at the shiny, glossy, squeaky clean screenshots on that page :D !:


Yes ! L'il Pono's mission to take over the interwebz is working out neatly. Soon, he will be more famous that all those famous celebrities no one cares about and only likes to read about (wink wink !) ! Pono's innocent face and the warm smile shall conquer every heart, mart, bits, bytes and websites out there !

 L'il Pono is all set,
To conquer the mighty internet !
Tra La La...La La !
 and dispelling the mystery right now, here's what the final art looks like :

Ain't that suweeeet !!!!!

Will be back soon with some awesome stuff i have been cooking up on my drawing table ! Hoping you guys will like it and it will set the internet a-blaze !
This is Renegade Singing out !

Click here to download the most popular game on the App Store : Christmas Magic ! :)

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