Saturday, March 29, 2008

Silent Hill : A Rare Video.

This is a rare video of the making of the original Silent Hill for the Playstation One.
Nice to see how the phenomenon started.

and here are some videos of the Making of Silent Hill 2, one awesome game - Very soothing, Very haunting. The making series is aptly titled -"Alchemists of emotion"

This video showcases what thoughts went behind creating the 6 characters of the game.So many tiny details have gone into making those personas, no wonder the characters turned out to be unforgettable. This video is the cream of the lot, a must watch!

In this video, their artist describes how he came about creating the different monsters in Silent Hill 2, including the pyramid head.

This ones about how they interpreted human sense of fear, and how they went ahead to touch us so deeply with those visuals, sounds, story and music!

I must say, I started out to post just one video of The making of the original Silent Hill, but ended up finding such beautiful insights into the hearts of the makers of Silent Hill that I ended up posting them all. I have to leave now, but there are more videos of the making of Silent Hill 3, waiting to be seen,understood and imbibed into oneself. Happy searching !

Ah! and yes,I will leave you with a beautiful piece of music from Silent Hill..very soothing, very haunting...

If you guys want to listen to allthe tracks of Silent Hill,then headover to this place.Silent Hill Playlist


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