Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Steps into a Magical World !!!

Hey guys,
We, me and Anmol, have been officially Laughing Mango Games now for quite some time now .
We have been neck deep into making our first game for the iPad since the past many months now and today my first puzzle became playable :) !!!!!! Albeit, its still on the PC and inside our puzzle editor made by our resident genius Anmol, but its a moment of triumph for us and can't express enough about how happy I am right now. Finally, my sketches, drawings and words have taken their first breath of life ! Incubation is almost over, its a living and breathing entity now ! Wow !!!! :D Yoooohoooooo !!!!!

Can't wait to share more stuff with everyone! Here are two screenshots of the puzzle editor. The first one shows the unsolved puzzle, while the next shows it alomst solved and done !!!

The game is called "Christmas magic" and will be on your devices, mesmerising you all on Christmas ! Oh ! Don't worry about how it looks right now, we'll have worked our magic on it by then :wink: :wink: ! Till then just wait wide eyed and with a smile as big as Santa's sleigh itself ! :-D

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Renegade said...

Thank YOu Anna ! Now that I am making games, this blog is resurrecting again ! :)