Monday, March 3, 2008

The Metal Gear Solid Saga : 20 yrs of brilliant story telling !

This video here summarizes the story of the Metal Gear series for the past 20 yrs that it has existed. It's a sum up of all the important events that happened in that world, and the different relationships the characters share. I wrote "sum up" in italics because the story is so deep and huge that it cannot be described in a 20 min video. It's the sheer brilliance of the story and the intelligent humour of the games itself, that even after 20 yrs of the franchise, Hideo Kojima still has a story to tell ! and a very polished one if the trailers are any indication.

What say, I should show you the trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4 first,and when you are jumping all over your chair excited, I shall present the video summarising the story!

So, here's the trailer for MGS4: Guns of the Patriots , from E3 2006.

And now, my friends, watch how the War really changed, how protagonists and antagonists got churned up in this world without reason, how heroes and villains fused into each other till we couldn't distinguish anymore. Watch as the history unfolds in front of you, untangling its tentacles to reveal faces you did or didn't expect. Watch the story of Snake(s) !

In case this got you interested, which it should have, you can check out the entire story of the MetalGear universe chronologically at this page:

It's a very long post there, and is justified, considering the span of the story. it's a very interesting read, with character interactions going deeper that one would expect from games.

and here's the official teaser site for MGS4: GUns of the Patriots.

The game will be out 12th June 2008. So, till then, just stay alive !

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