Monday, December 28, 2015

Just Cause 3: Can you handle the freedom !

So, out of the blue, in the midst of playing the fantastic Borderlands 2 and the kindof miffing Fallout 4, I had a tryst with Just Cause 3 for about 2 hours and the 2 hours had enough "Boom Boom Boom !" to silence Fallout completely and make think twice about going back to Borderlands 2's fantastic DLC campaigns.

Here's a snippet of what I found myself doing pretty soon of starting this "slam-bang explosion of freedom of a game" :

The question in this game is not "what can I do?" but instead "Hmm, what should I do with all that I can do in this game?" 
The game is a sandbox or a toybox , as everyone must be telling u right now, which provides u with a rather very pretty playground and a bunch of toys to play with.

A flyby with a quick explosion, I guess !

A fine day for mayhem ! 

But there is also another thing people are talking about : Instant Gratification!

 The game lets you have almost everything from the get go ! I want to differ in that regard, the joy of instant gratification will last not for more than an hour if you think that is the hook of this game. No, the power fantasy of having all kinds of explosion causing devices at your disposal is just the surface of the game and not to be mistaken for the whole game. The joy of the game lies in "playing" with it ! :) If you are the kind who can have fun thinking up crazy things to do and then finding ways of doing them with the archaic tools at hand and can enjoy failing in them and laughing away while your plans go completely haywire, then you will have fun in JC3. If you feel smug hanging upside down from a jet plane while launching off cars off a cliff in a whacky show of fireworks without the game providing you with applause/kudos/meaningless-appreciation-shenanigans then you will have fun in JC3. 

The game is for the one who is content in the process and not craves for the applause at the end !  Thats what I feel till now , will be back with more vidoes soon as I get to play more of it :D ! 

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