Friday, November 6, 2015

Indian gaming scene heating up ! WWE2k16 Championship is here !

Looks like finally Indian gaming scene is getting the attention it deserves.  Indian Gaming Expo is right around the corner and their latest announcement has me impressed:

1.5 lakhs worth of prizes ! Looks like us gamers have made a mark , after all , all that money pouring into the gaming arena cannot be wrong, lol :P !

Check out the actual prizes:

1st Place: 1 PS4 Console + Rs.30,000 cash + 1 WWE Championship Title* Mattel Toys

2nd Place: 1 PS4 Console + Rs.10,000 cash + 1 WWE Championship Title* Mattel Toys

3rd Place: Rs.15,000 cash + 1 WWE Championship Title* Mattel Toys

Colour me impressed ! Had it been my kind of game, I would have charged straight into the venue :D !  
On a serious note, if you want to enter the competition, here are the details from their website:

"WWE 2K16 fans can register themselves here to enter for the championship. The registrations starts from today onwards. All the mandatory rules & guidelines are stated in the registration form. No entry fee is charged to participate in the tournament.
For more information on IGX, Kindly visit

I will just leave this here and wish you guys luck ! GO participate and win a ps4 ! There ain't a better gaming machine out there !

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