Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parallax Mapping

I was looking out for Parallax and Steep Parallax Mapping on net and found out these pdfs and links.

Check this image to see what it looks like in CRYSIS! Also, there is tech demo vdo of Crytek displaying the realtime occlusion and self-shadowing with parallax mapping.

Parallax mapping has been used in Oblivion too, but it does not cast self shadows(occlusion).

Also, parallax mapping is disabled in the Source engine, but if used, does not support HDRI, as explained here:

and, yes, you can get mods for DOOM3 which will enable parallax mapping in DOOM3 engine here:

Right now, what I am trying to do is to find out, if this technique can also be used in rendered videos, as against just realtime footage. If anyone wants to add - Most Welcome!

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