Saturday, June 23, 2007

CLASSIC ROCK rocked on World Music Day!!



I messaged everybody in the morning to "ROCK ON!!" on world Music Day, after learning about it on the ever chattering FM channels, and the day, suddenly, turned bright! Soon I was replying to a lot of people about whether it was true, or what we are going to do in the office to celebrate it. We pondered over playing Rock all day in the office(that's a studio by the way!)! Soon, we were overcome with the frenzy and we decided to drown Himesh Reshammiya's( Chhamiya! would be better;P) voice with the booming sound of James Hetfield's vocal chords!
and my colleague Dirgha wanted Pink Floyd to play all day long, so she could get comfortably numb and write!(scriptwriter she is..). Soon, I was discussing with friends whether we'll have Independence Rock this year round or not( God do I wish they start it again!)!
On reaching office I realised that not many people were excited or moved or shaken out of their slumber by the fact that it was the world Music Day. It was just the three of us who were actually excited about it! Well, just three guys( sorry, two guys and a girl) doesn't make a big party, so I thought of spending the day drowning myself in the din of the likes of Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Alter Bridge and others and not to brood about the fact that there was no headbangers ball happening in my office. Had it been my earlier office(UTV), I would have created a ruckus and nobody would mind! but then, it's a new place where people work very silently.

Lo and Behold! out of the blue came this idea in Chand's brain,"Let's to go Hard Rock Cafe tonight!!" and there I was jumping aroud the whole place, I mean immediately checking whether there were any special events tonight, or did we require reservations?(Chand is our Tech. Director, by the way)

I called up the Cafe,
Me: "Are guys doing something special tonight?It's world Music Day!"
Cafe guy: "What?"

The guy called "Me" up there was completely devastated. They didn't know!!!

Me(mustering up courage): "Uh...ummm...What are you guys playing tonight?"
Cafe Guy:" Oh! Gary Lawyer Live Band is performing tonight."
Me(Smile as big as a laughing Buddha!): " Wow! Do we require reservations?"
Cafe Guy:" No, just come over."

And there we were! (of course, not immediately. It was about two mundane hours later, but who wants to know about that!) A place full of people wearing mundane "daily life" faces, which would break off very soon as music would make us come out of the false halo we carry around ourselves all day long!



We couldn't get a place to sit immediately,damn the "Cafe Guy" saying "just come over."! The night started with mingling around with the crowd for some time, looking around to see if we could spot someone we know. I found someone actually!Me, Dube and Dirgha had once gone to a workshop arranged by the Bimal Roy Memorial Film society, and the woman sitting in front of me right now was the anchor and host of that workshop.Alas! I didn't remember her name!, so we decided not to bother her (and get embarrassed for not knowing her name). Meanwhile, Pink floyd was playing in the background and my body had already starting swaying with the beat!

To be Continued.....


Charo said...

Good post.

Renegade said...

Thank you ! Never got down to writing the second part though. Been a looong time!