Sunday, July 12, 2015

Halo 5 Vidoc: A Hero Reborn.....really HALO???

Fellow Spartans, I think its pretty well know now that a new Vidoc titles "A Hero Reborn" was released by 343i recently showcasing quite a bit of new footage from Halo 5 as well detailing out their plans for the direction they are taking with the campaign of Halo 5.

Here's the vidoc for your viewing pleasure:

Now, I know its supposed to make us go gaga and over our heads with frenzy but .

........Call me cynical or whatever, but that vidoc does not look like Halo to me at all!

The armour and environment design , the colours, the art direction is so so damn different now that it could be some other game all together. Even the Master Chief silhouette is so changed that its hardly recognisable. IMO, they went too far already.

I don't feel excited :( , I am not angry or anything but I feel a gem is lost. I used to wait with baited breath for all HALO Vidocs and ads as they were all so amazing. This ......not at all. They are changing things for the sake of changing things. Its as if they want to make sure they leave their mark on the HALO franchise. They seem to believe they are bigger than HALO in this HALO project. Its not about HALO, its about our HALO and Bungie's HALO.

or maybe I am just crazy !

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