Monday, August 6, 2007

KILLZONE 2:It speaks for itself!

This, my friends is pinnacle of gaming! or should we say the preview of the pinacle of gaming, as this game is not out yet.What I am posting here is a link of the gameplay footage of KILLZONE 2 from the Sony press conference at this years E3. It's been out there since July 12th, since the sony presentation got over at E3, but since I was so stunned by it I never got to posting it here, so I am posting it now!

Check this out!

There's an HD version of that too there. Download it and keep watching it till u can make something like that!
and mind you, it's all realtime this time, journalists were allowed to play for themselves and they came out Starry eyed!

There are more gameplay videos on Youtube which u can look. They actually show more of the level and the gameplay.This video cuts that out, but the youtube ones have the level played by different people!

You can talk to the developers directly here:

There are lots of other threads there too. Check them out!
There's more info on Gamespot :

and if u want to see what they are actually upto check out Beyond3d :

and here's a thread where u can actually follow 41 pages of what people were speculating and debating and what they saw finally:

There are hundreds of other threads about KILLZONE 2, but I guess the worthy ones have been listed within these threads, the rest are just fanboy fights we don't need to see.

Watch it and tell me how you felt! Njoy!

PS: BTW, I watch it everyday!

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